Make a nice picture of an appartment

Private individuals who sell or rent out their accommodation alone on the internet often still neglect their photos.

Private-to-private sales are on the upswing. According to notaries, almost a third of real estate transactions continue to take place without the intermediary of agencies. But to perfect your classified ad, you still need to take care of your photos. Light, angle, interior decorations .... Too many sellers neglect their photos, whereas to find the ideal buyer you will have to take care of the presentation of the house or flat, the buyer will prefer to buy buy an appartement that catches his eye even at a high price, rather than buying yours at a lower price, since the buyer will first look for his future home on the internet before asking a real estate agent. To remedy this, invest in photographic equipment.

Favour a camera rather than a smartphone.

Even if you have the latest smartphone, you won't escape it: you need a real camera to take good pictures of your home. It's all a question of angle. A photo taken with a smartphone always gives the impression that your room is smaller than it really is. But don't worry, there's no need to buy a professional tool to get a wide enough angle. An amateur camera, with a ten millimetre lens, is perfectly suitable.

Avoid photos that are too plunging

This is probably the most important detail: your photo must be perfectly straight. Tilts, diving effects, backdrops or other artistic attempts are to be banned. They would give the impression that your accommodation is cramped. In order to obtain the straightest possible photo, it is advisable to place your camera at 1.5 metres above the ground and take your photo in horizontal format.

No to artificial light

Another crucial point: you need to show that your room is bright. To do this, recommend turning off all the lamps: "otherwise people who see the advert tend to think that you're turning on because it's dark". To be able to enjoy natural light, avoid taking your photos in the evening.

To take photos outside, it is better to wait for good weather: the sun makes the colours more pleasant and the image warm. But for your indoor photos, on the other hand, there's no need to wait for a full day of sunshine. The more neutral the weather is, the more pleasant the atmosphere seems: the best photos are often those taken when it rains or snows. On the other hand, too much sunshine tends to yellow the photos.

Beware of the bazaar

Is it advisable to empty your home before taking a photo of it? It all depends: if your furniture is in poor condition, there's no need to take a photo of it. On the other hand, if your flat is well furnished, try to highlight your furniture to create a lively and warm atmosphere.

To do this, remember to tidy and clean your flat before the photo shoot. This may seem obvious, but many people overlook this point. Avoid small details such as a sponge lying around, dishwashing liquid at the sink and towels in the bathroom. The aim is to present a pleasant, tidy "home" ... without making it aseptic.

"It's like when a child tidies up his room: you shouldn't leave anything lying around, but you should still keep a few toys here and there.  Don't hesitate either to highlight the little extras in your accommodation, such as a balcony or a veranda.

Prefer natural photos to retouched ones.

The retouching work requires a lot of finesse and meticulousness. "It's like make-up: if it's not done properly, the result can be very ugly". Unless you're a fan of Photoshop or other retouching software, opt for natural photos instead.

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